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Introducing Andrakk 16" Rechargeable Mist Fan and Andrakk Solar Panel


With newly introduced Andrakk Solar power products, you don’t need to depend on electric power supply or electric generator set to get maximum comfort at your home or office, using Andrakk Solar, you can get 100% adequate power to recharge your fan so as to get maximum satisfaction.

Introducing ADK6116

With newly introduced ADK6116 Andrakk 16″ Rechargeable Mist Fan, when the weather gets too hot and the ordinary fan begins to emit hot air. The Andrakk 16″ Rechargeable Mist Fan provides an air cooling effect through its automatic water atomization function. It cools the air by drawing water from the in-built 2.1ltrs water can to provide the much needed humidity in the home. It is sleek and beautifully designed, providing more aesthetics for the home..

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  • Andrakk Rechargeable fan has improve and beautify my studio. Now my customers don't have to complaint of heat even when there's no power supply.

    Onayemi Biyi

    CEO — Next Digital Concept

  • Andrakk Air Fryer Oven has been helping me to prepare quick breakfast for my family every morning with little or no stress.

    Mrs M. Okon

    Teller — Fidelity Bank Plc

  • Andrakk 16" Rechargeable Mist fan has been good for me and my family during the most notorious hot season. My family has now since then living most conducive and comfortable life. Thanks to Dralkk Int'l Ltd.

    Okenla Olabisi

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