Andrakk 18″ Rechargeable Fan ADK2318

Description :

The Andrakk 18″ Rechargeable Fan is a versatile cooling appliance designed for portability and convenience. Here are some features you might find in this specific model:

  1. Large Fan Size: With an 18-inch fan size, it provides ample air circulation suitable for larger spaces or rooms.

  2. Rechargeable Functionality: Operates on a rechargeable battery, allowing cordless use for increased portability and use in areas without direct access to power outlets.

  3. Multiple Speed Settings: Typically comes with adjustable speed options to control the airflow intensity according to your comfort level.

  4. Adjustable Angle: The fan head is often adjustable, allowing you to tilt and direct airflow in different directions.

  5. LED Lights: Some models may include built-in LED lights, providing additional functionality, especially useful during power outages or in low-light conditions.

  6. Remote Control: Certain models may come with a remote control, allowing you to conveniently adjust settings from a distance.

  7. Timer Function: Some rechargeable fans, including larger models like the 18″ version, might offer timer settings to automatically switch off the fan after a specified duration for energy efficiency.

The Andrakk 18″ Rechargeable Fan aims to provide efficient cooling for various environments, offering portability, multiple features, and functionality suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For specific details about this model’s specifications and usage instructions, referring to the product manual or Andrakk’s official resources would provide accurate information.