ADK 8518

Description :

The Andrakk ADK8518 is a rechargeable standing fan model offered by Andrakk. It’s 18″ Rechargeable fan with 3 Speed, height Adjustable. Here are some features commonly found in this type of fan:

  1. Rechargeable Functionality: Operates on a rechargeable battery, enabling cordless use and portability.
  2. Adjustable Height: Often comes with an adjustable stand or pole, allowing you to modify the fan’s height for optimal air distribution.
  3. Multiple Speed Settings: Offers various speed options to adjust the airflow according to your comfort level or room requirements.
  4. Adjustable Fan Head: Typically includes a fan head that can be tilted or adjusted to direct airflow in different directions.
  5. Remote Control: Some models may include a remote control, allowing convenient operation from a distance.
  6. Timer Function: Certain rechargeable fans come equipped with a timer feature, enabling you to set specific operating durations for energy efficiency or convenience.

The Andrakk ADK8518 standing fan is designed to offer flexibility, convenience, and efficient cooling, suitable for various environments. For precise details about this specific model, including its specifications, operation instructions, and any unique features, referring to the product manual or Andrakk’s official resources would provide accurate information.